Filip Filipi - Hurricane Ana Ft. Collie Buddz (tekst)

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Filip Filipi - Hurricane Ana Ft. Collie Buddz (tekst)

Post by Admin on Wed Apr 28, 2010 10:18 pm

Filip Filipi (Sin) - Hurricane Ana (Feat. Collie Buddz)

They should name a hurricane after her
A typhoon, a mountain in africa
A monsoon, I'm a junkie just after her
She'll leave but I'll run right back after her

Her voice like a tropical rain
She could calm a puma in a cage
In 98, my nike zoom and my pager
I wanted to page ya
But she zoomed later (later)
She was too fast and I was too slow
She wanted dudes already had dough
But baby nooooooo-ooo
That shit cheap for the worth of your soul
She dream american
Fly like the pelican, flyyy pelican
But they die mexicannnn
Don't go chasin benjamins
Stick to the bonds and the dividends, baby


She pretty like the cresent moon over mecca
And she stacked like a double decker
She wanna leaveee, but I wont let herrr
Not with my sweater, not the one by donatella
She was gone off that amaretta
What's your favorite letter?
(Girl voice) "f" what's your favorite letter?
"a" montego bay, bungalow stay
Same suite as jfk, where we lay
Take my hand, take my whole life too
Jungle boy meet the queen of the zoo
She my sweetest taboo-oo
Told her meet me in the future later
I take you shoppin buy you lavender and fuschia jacobs


What do I do now, that the hunt is over
Look for my next red october?
And when that too is overrr
Blue november, then white december
Lost in the stampede, like a young simba
Wont you forgive me pleaseee, baby ima sinner
I looked in her eyes, then I remember
It's a 2 way street that run parallel
With consequence, and never fairy tale
Sun in Gemini, Moon in Capricorn
Come over here, lets get it onnn
And Open the gates to your waterfall
I let myself in thru your corridor



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